April Showers Bring May Collective Agreements | Your Look Ahead from Summa Strategies

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What We’re Watching

  • PSAC and Treasury Board reached a tentative agreement in the wee hours of Monday morning, according to the union. While Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees continue to negotiate their own agreements, the vast majority of striking public servants will be expected to return to work today. This comes after Treasury Board issued a “final” offer over the weekend that includes an enhanced wage package among other changes.
  • The Alberta election is less than a month away and the race between the UCP and NDP is extremely close. The writ is expected to drop today, marking the official start of the campaign period.   
  • Canada completed its first two evacuation flights from Sudan at the end of last week, and will be sending up to 250 troops to support the continued evacuation of civilians. Evacuation efforts were paused over the weekend due to an escalation in the conflict. 
  • Prime Minister Trudeau will be attending the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday. Domestic events will also be held to mark the ceremony, including a 21-gun salute on Parliament Hill.  
  • Alexandre Trudeau, the brother of the Prime Minister, will testify before MPs at a parliamentary committee on Wednesday of this week. It has been reported that Alexandre Trudeau negotiated and signed the deal for the foundation to receive $200,000 in donations from a Chinese billionaire in 2016. 
  • Last week, Prime Minister Trudeau stated that the Glencore deal to acquire Teck Resources would face a stringent review process, as deliberations over the acquisition continue. BC Premier Eby weighed in against Glencore taking over Canada’s largest diversified base metals producer.  

In the House 

  • Bill C-35, the Canada Early Learning and Childcare Act, is currently being considered at committee. 
  • Bill S-5, An Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, is currently at report stage. 
  • Bill C-47, the Budget Implementation Act, is currently at second reading. 
  • Bill C-13, An Act to amend the Official Languages Act, is currently at report stage. 
  • Tuesday and Thursday will be opposition days in the House this week.

Committee Updates 

  • FOPO will meet today to discuss Ecosystem Impacts and the Management of Pinniped Populations. 
  • PACP will meet today to discuss Report 9, COVID-19 Vaccines. 
  • AGRI will meet today to discuss the Environmental Contribution of Agriculture and Food Price Inflation. 
  • CACN will meet today to discuss Canada-People’s Republic of China Relations. 
  • TRAN will meet tomorrow to discuss the Role of McKinsey & Company in the Creation and the Beginnings of the CIB. 
  • SRSR will meet tomorrow to discuss the International Moonshot Programs. 

In the Senate

  • Bill C-18, the Online News Act, is currently under consideration at committee. 
  • Bill C-22, the Canada Disability Act, is currently under consideration in committee. 
  • Bill C-13, An Act to amend the Official Languages Act, is currently at Senate pre-study. 

Committee Updates 

  • RIDR will meet today to discuss Anti-Black Racism, Sexicm and Systemic Discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Commission. 
  • SECD will meet today to discuss Disinformation and National Security. 
  • TRCM will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week on Bill C-18, regarding online news.
  • NFFN will meet Tuesday to hear from the Parliamentary Budget Officer on C-47.


  • Last week, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Canada. The President and Prime Minister Trudeau discussed issues including security and defence, climate change, and the importance of liberal democracies.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau visited New York City last Thursday and Friday to discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to attend Global Citizen NOW. He delivered a keynote speech in which he sought to drum up interest in Canada’s role as a reliable and responsible supplier of critical minerals, electric vehicles, semiconductors and other clean technologies for the American market.
  • On Friday, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics heard from witnesses that the alleged 2016 donation to the Trudeau Foundation was negotiated with a group of businessmen linked to Beijing. 
  • A letter was released on Friday indicating that the President of the CBC requested a meeting in November with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre over his ‘defund’ promise. Poilievre declined the meeting. 

Provincial Updates


  • Premier Ford cited a decline in the attendance at the Ontario Science Centre to justify relocating the infrastructure, but recent reports may contradict the premier. 
  • Premier Ford announced free tuition for Ontario Police College recruits and plans to lower the educational requirements to address the labour shortage in the sector.
  • Premier Ford and Solicitor General announced an additional $112 million for police services across the province to improve the monitoring of people on bail. 
  • Ontario hospital nurses have been awarded retroactive pay for three years during which they were subject to a wage restraint law, after Bill 124 was struck down. The bill capped wage increases for nurses and other public sector workers at one per cent for three years.  


  • A photo of Premier Smith and known Freedom Convoy protesters, who were either fined or charged for their role in the protest, circulated on social media last week.   
  • The writ drops today in Alberta for the election on May 29th. Both the United Conservative Party and the New Democratic Party are promising no personal income tax increases. 
  • The Alberta Government announced a $330 million investment as part of a $1.2 billion project to replace the Saddledome in Calgary just days before the election begins. 


  • BC’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said it’s up to the city of Surrey to decide if they wish to continue their transition away from the RCMP to an independent municipal police force, or if they want to return to contracting the RCMP.
  • The BC Nurses’ Union ratified the new collective agreement last week with the BC Government. According to the union, it includes a 13 per cent wage increase over three years and improved job flexibility. 


  • The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is considering legal action against Marine Atlantic, a federal crown corporation, over the increase of a fuel surcharge from 13 percent to 17 per cent. 
  • The Government of Nova Scotia, in collaboration with Ottawa, announced an investment of $18 million in mental health support to the communities affected by the mass shooting in 2020 in Portapique, Wentworth, and Shubenacadie. 
  • The Government of New Brunswick said it does not intend to change the name of Saint John River to the Indigenous name of Wolastoq.

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