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What We’re Watching

  • On Sunday, another object was taken down over Lake Huron by a U.S. aircraft. This is the third object to be destroyed since the suspected Chinese balloon earlier this month.
  • Following the First Ministers meeting last week, the Minister of Health and Minister of Mental Health and Addictions plan to write to their provincial counterparts to clarify their positions going forward. 
  • Liberal MPs are pushing back against certain components of Bill C-13, the official languages bill. This has led observers to question the amount of control the prime minister holds over his caucus.
  • The Emergencies Act Commission Report is expected to be delivered next Monday, February 20th. The report will be given to the cabinet and the public at the same time.
  • Members of the Conservative party are now calling on the auditor general to probe the contracts that the government had with consulting firm McKinsey as the scandal continues. 

In the House

  • Bill C-11, An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act, is currently in consideration of messages from the Senate.
  • Bill C-13, An Act to Amend the Official Languages Act, is being considered in committee at SECU
  • Bill C-27, the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, is currently at second reading. 
  • Bill C-39, the medical assistance in dying act, is currently at second reading. 
  • Bill C-35, An Act respecting early learning and childcare in Canada is being considered in committee at HUMA
  • Bill C-282, An Act to amend the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act (supply management), is being considered in committee at CIIT

Committee Business 

  • PACP will meet today to discuss Report 6, Arctic Waters Surveillance. 
  • INDU will meet today to discuss the Mandate of the Minister of Industry, Science and Technology. 
  • CACN will meet today to discuss Canada-People’s Republic of China Relations. 
  • SBLI will meet on Tuesday to discuss Budget Submissions. 
  • TRAN will meet on Tuesday to discuss Anticipated Labour Shortages in the Canadian Transportation Sector. 

In the Senate

  • Bill C-18, the Online News Act, is currently at second reading. 
  • Bill C-13, An Act to Amend the Official Languages Act, is currently at Senate pre-study in OLLO
  • Bill C-29, the National Council for Reconciliation Act, is currently at second reading. 

Committee Business

  • SECD will meet today to examine and report on issues relating to security and defence in the Arctic.
  • RIDR will meet today to examine such issues as may arise from time to time relating to human rights generally. 
  • NFFN will meet on Tuesday to discuss the Main Estimates for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. 
  • AGFO will meet on Tuesday to examine and report on the status of soil health in Canada. 
  • POFO will meet on Tuesday to discuss the study of issues relating to the management of Canada’s fisheries and oceans. 


  • Last Tuesday, Prime Minister Trudeau met with his provincial and territorial counterparts to discuss healthcare funding. The first minister’s meeting resulted in the federal government pledging to increase health funding by $196.1 billion over the next 10 years.   
  • Over the weekend, Prime Minister Trudeau ordered the takedown of an unidentified object over Yukon, as it posed a reasonable threat to civil aviation. While the command came from Canada, the object was shot down by an American F-22 fighter plane. This follows an incident earlier in February where a Chinese spy balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean, as ordered by U.S. President Joe Biden. The government has summoned China’s ambassador to Canada to Ottawa to discuss the issue further. 
  • Following two earthquakes in Turkey and Syria last week that have left over 11,000 dead, the federal government stated that it will match donations Canadians make to the Red Cross, up to $10 million.  
  • President Biden delivered his State of the Union speech last Tuesday. Highlights included emphasizing the need for unity, relations with China, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 
  • Last Wednesday a bus crashed into a daycare in Laval, Quebec. Two children have died and six are left injured following the tragedy. The driver of the bus has been charged with murder following the incident. 

Provincial Updates


  • On Friday night, long-time Toronto Mayor John Tory stepped down from office after an affair with a former staffer came to light. A special election is expected to be held in the coming months to elect a new mayor.  
  • Premier Ford has been cleared by the integrity commissioner after the Official Opposition had filed a complaint against him. The complaint was in connection to developers attending and donating to a pre-wedding fundraising event for the Premier’s daughter last summer. 
  • The funeral of former longtime Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion is being held today, on what would have also been her 102nd birthday. Premier Ford, the Lieutenant Governer and the Mayor of Mississauga will be in attendance. 
  • The Fiscal Accountability Office of Ontario released a report stating that the province’s economic growth is expected to slow sharply this year, before seeing a recovery beginning next year. 
  • The Ontario Legislature announced that major renovations that are likely to cost over $1 billion, could lead to a full shutdown of the building. 


  • Attention was drawn last week to an awkward handshake that took place between Premier Smith and Prime Minister Trudeau. At the first minister’s meeting, the current relationship between the two was on full display.
  • A new report by Abacus Data shows that the UCP has taken the lead over the NDP across the province. Calgary remains the battleground with the issue of education acting as a strong predictor of vote.  


  • The latest report from the B.C. Labour Market Outlook indicates that the province is on track to add over one million more jobs in the next decade. According to the forecast, employment will rise by 1.3 per cent annually over the same period, due to growth in the health care and tech sectors, as well as higher immigration levels. 
  • The B.C. lumber industry is on edge following U.S. President Biden’s ‘Buy American’ language in his State of the Union address last week. The B.C. Lumber Trade Council called it “concerning” that Biden wishes to restrict the use of foreign lumber in federally-funded infrastructure projects. 
  • Former Premier John Horgan announced he is leaving earlier than planned from the B.C. legislature. Health reasons had forced Horgan to retire after five years as premier last June. 


  • The Canadian Red Cross has been called in to assist more than 30 people after a fire destroyed a three-storey building in Campbellton, New Brunswick. 
  • Nurses in Nova Scotia are signing contracts with travel nursing agencies to work elsewhere as the province’s healthcare system continues to be strained. Early career nurses state that higher pay and more flexible schedules are leading them to look elsewhere for work.

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