Ontario Budget 2022 | Highlights & Analysis

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Premier Doug Ford’s 2022 budget  – the last in his first majority mandate – has been tabled at Queen’s Park.  

After two consecutive budgets focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s document displayed a return to the Ford government’s populist roots. From healthcare investments, to a minimum wage increase and gas tax cut, these promises are targeted at an electorate that list day-to-day affordability and health care as their top priorities.

Importantly, this is as much a re-election platform as it is a budget. Unlike usual fiscal updates, there will be no debate or vote on what’s tabled. The government has adjourned the Legislature and is set to hit the provincial campaign trail on Wednesday, May 4th..

Our team has reviewed the budget, pulled the highlights and provided an analysis of what this means for the major political parties ahead of the 2022 Ontario election. 

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