COVID-19 Isn’t Going Anywhere

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While Quebec may be seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases—akin to the spike Europe is currently experiencing—the province is confident that it can handle it.

While speaking to reporters in Quebec City, Health Minister Christian Dubé said authorities are closely monitoring the increase in reported cases in some European countries.

However, given Quebec’s above-average vaccination rate, the upcoming warm spring weather, and a significant number of people who retain immunity from previous infections, Mr. Dubé said that public health officials believe the province is well-positioned to cope with a potential surge in cases.

With the latest wave of the pandemic gradually subsiding, Quebec has lifted nearly all of its public health restrictions. One of the few remaining measures is the province-wide mask requirement. Quebec announced its plans to lift that requirement in most indoor public places by mid-April. Mr. Dubé reiterated that this could be done even earlier.

Meanwhile, in Europe, pandemic indicators point to the possible start of another wave. The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, among other countries, are all seeing a rapid increase in cases. The UK, meanwhile, has seen hospitalizations rise by almost 20% in the past week.

At a press conference on Wednesday, the World Health Organization warned that after weeks of steady decline, reported infections are on the rise again around the world, including in Europe and especially in parts of Asia.

And while Omicron-esque case counts are unlikely, a new spike cannot be ruled out. The removal of sanitary measures is a significant exacerbating factor.

While case counts are going in the wrong direction in Europe, the Canadian government is lifting COVID requirements, specifically with regard to international travel. Effective April 1st, the federal government will waive the requirement for pre-departure COVID-19 testing at the border for fully vaccinated travelers returning to Canada.

Passengers may still be subject to random PCR testing at the airport, and travelers will still need to use the ArriveCAN app to enter their proof of vaccination. Public health measures are being lifted in Quebec and across Canada, but COVID-19 is still very much around. The disease will continue to place health officials on high alert and will require the government to monitor developments closely. Officials are now waiting to see if a 6th wave arrives, after nearly two years of living in a pandemic world. Although Canadians desire a return to normal, vigilance in the face of a new wave is necessary.

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